The Best of Skincare (According to Me)

Unlike my best winter buys, this post is dedicated specifically to the skincare portion of my shopping problem. There aren’t a ton of things on this last as I generally find something I love and stick to it. These are new finds that I find I already can’t live without.

  1. Jade Roller. I was seriously annoyed when I kept seeing this thing around. Like, do I really need to add another step to my skincare routine? I don’t have time to roll my face. Finally, after hearing about its ability to depuff and increase skin elasticity I decided to buy an affordable version on Amazon and give it a go. Let me tell you, game changer. My face, especially the eye area, is really prone to puffiness. If I eat a pickle my eyes take awhile to open the next day, so this is right up my alley. I keep mine in the fridge and it feels heavenly in the mornings. Truthfully, I don’t always have time to do it in the morning but that would be ideal. It is equally as nice right before bed to sort of calm and relax you. This is one purchase I’m glad I made. There is a ton of information out there on the benefits of jade rolling, I’m just in it for the “depuff.”
  2. Face Oil. This is another thing I was sure I didn’t need in my life, but has made a big difference. In Wisconsin winter can be brutal and the battle against dry skin is always ongoing. This has not only made a big difference in keeping my skin hydrated, I have really noticed the texture being smoother. It does not cause breakouts, which I am prone to, it actually works to even out your skin. It’s actually a really nice step to add to your skincare routine, especially if you use your jade roller right after you apply it. There are a million different types of face oil ranging in price. This one has worked well for me, when it runs out I’ll probably try others. 
  3. Tula Cleanser. This cleanser smells great, gets the job done when removing makeup, and is gentle enough to not cause breakouts on my acne prone skin. This has definitely been one of those things that I have literally only bought because countless bloggers have recommended it, and it really is worth the hype. I actually do the subscription to get some money off and then I know I’ll never run out.Purifying Cleanser
  4. Illuminating Serum. Speaking of Tula, this is another one of their products I love. Really, all of them are great, these are just my favorites. I mix it in with my CC cream in the mornings and it makes my makeup go on super smooth and kind of helps you look a little more radiant and awake (without looking shimmery). I got it as a free sample and immediately bought the full size. Illuminating Serum
  5. Toner. I raved about this in my previous best buys post but this deserves a second look. Toner has totally changed my face. It locks in moistures, evens skin tone, smells great, and has kept my acne at bay since I started using it. There are also many different smells which is nice because everyone is different. I like the rose petal, although it is the only one I’ve tried so far. Image result for thayers rose petal witch hazel
  6. Acrylic Makeup Organizer. Now that you have all these fun skincare things, you need something to organize them! This was actually a last minute add because I just got it in and man is it awesome. I bought it for makeup but it is spacious enough to fit way more than just that so I’ve added most of my skincare products as well. It’s a win, win. Target actually has tons of awesome acrylic organizers. I haven’t even watched the Marie Kondo thing everyone is raving about but I’m about to reorganize my life just because.  

Tried and true standbys that didn’t make my favorites list are micellar water which I use to get off stubborn makeup, Aveeno face moisturizer, this eye serum (verdict is out on how much of a difference it makes) and where would we all be without these handy things? Hope you enjoy, until next time.


BONUS: If you have little ones that could spend 95 hours in the bath (looking at you Brooks) then this lotion has been a lifesaver for us. I am TELLING you it is the thickest lotion you will find and I have tried so many. He had eczema on his feet up until  last winter and this stuff have him (and my mind) huge relief.