Things I Never Knew Before Becoming a Mom

  1. How to use OxiClean. I honestly never knew what the purpose of it was before. Add a little boy who loves the dirt to my life, and voila. OxyClean expert.
  2. How to use under eye concealer. I never used this before. Then I realized I was looking REAL tired as I got ready for school and decided this was something I needed to look into. Now, I would say I’m pretty good at using it and apply it every day, I’m sure my students have not noticed how bright eyed I suddenly look, but I do. This one is my current favorite. This is how I learned how to apply it.
  3. How much I love Amazon Prime. I didn’t even have a subscription to Amazon Prime before I had Brooks. I had no problem with waiting longer for my items to ship. Then when he was born, he probably made a funny noise or slept 25 minutes less than normal and I was buying every booger sucker, humidifier, sleepsack, swaddle, and noise machine on the market and NEEDED it to be shipped immediately. I am not lying when I say there was a package on my doorstep every day those first couple weeks. Nick was (and is probably still not) happy about this one.
  4. How little you need. You really don’t need special baby spoons, plates, and bowls, you probably don’t need very much clothes (unless you have a boy like Brooks, then see the dirt comment above), and you definitely don’t need every brand of sippy cup so you find the “favorite” one. Now, I can laugh at myself at all the crazy stuff I bought and had waiting to be used, but if I knew this back then I would have saved a lot of money. Brooks prefers to use whatever we are using, right out of our hands. So there’s that.
  5. How to speed read. Again, everything made me nervous in the beginning so instead of sleeping when baby slept, doing dishes, cleaning up, I read every book I could get my hands on. I seriously became so good at speed reading through books and skimming parts I needed to that when I sit down to read an enjoyable book I find myself skipping around and skimming words. It makes for a confusing book club conversation.
  6. How long undergarments actually last. I don’t know why but for some reason this is the one area of my life I never pay attention to, even though I am getting dressed every morning. I seriously have bras from high school that are falling apart. When I was nursing I bought nursing bras, but those have long been ditched, so now I’m back to the high school bras. It really is amazing how long they last and how little it really matters. I mean they are under your clothes so nobody knows how ratty they really are. I’m pretty sure before having a baby and worrying so much about his undergarments…meaning diapers…mine were probably fresh and beautiful. Probably.
  7. How to NOT sweat the small stuff. Because everything, literally everything, is small stuff in the first couple of weeks…months…years. I don’t really know how long but when I look back at the things I worried about, I now realize they weren’t that big of things and I probably could have saved myself several gray hairs.

Every day I find myself doing things that I never did before–but now they are just normal. Let’s see what the next couple years bring, today my babe turns 2! How can that be?