I mention Mack quite often in my posts, so I thought I would introduce him to you here. A couple things about Mack…

  • He is a pure bred boxer and he is crazy. I was told boxers calm down a bit when they are around 3. He is now 4 and is as hyper as ever. The fact that he has lots of land to run on, chickens to harass, and wild life to hunt probably doesn’t help. We still love him.
  • He is allergic to everything. Grain. Pollen. Grass. Everything. Poor guy. We’ve tried medication but I didn’t like how it made him act (lethargic, super hungry and thirsty) so we’re trying some different options now.
  • He was our first baby and our first love. Nick and I were (and still are) OBSESSED with him.
  • He is SO GOOD with Brooks. Brooks climbs him, tugs at his ears, steals his food, splashes in his water, “pats” him, and does all sorts of other things “little brothers” do and he doesn’t even bat an eye. Usually he looks at me like “Do you see this? You’re not going to do anything about it?”
  • He has the funniest expressions.
  • He does the funniest things.

Now here’s a photo dump for your viewing pleasure…