Food Monster

If there is one thing Brooks loves, it’s eating. Sleeping and eating are the rage around the farm, for everyone really. Since I am clearly a first time mom trying to figure out, well everything, I found some things that work really well and some things that are really not worth your money. I remember breastfeeding Brooks just fantasizing about the day he could feed himself and ordering stuff that I figured he would need. We started him on pureed foods at about 4.5 months because he was ready. Man that kid was ready. He tried to grab anything I put near my mouth. From that day forward, eating has been his jam. So for any other firsties out there not yet in the trenches of mess covered high chairs, here is my two cents.


Worth It

  1. Munchkin Suction Bowls. After the puree stage, all Brooks wanted to do was feed himself. For some reason he really liked when his peas, and eventually other things, were in this little bowl. He would not pick them up off his tray, he wanted them in the bowl! As long as he can feed himself he’s pretty happy, but once in awhile squirrely little things like peas are nice to have confined. They suction so the bowl doesn’t go flying and remains where it is supposed to…until he gets stronger!img_1786
  2. Baby Bjorn plastic bibs. I haven’t been able to use these until recently because Brooks was too small. Now that he’s a bit taller I use them every time he eats and they are amazing! They catch everything he drops…which is like half of his meal, and are SO easy to clean. I just ordered two more!
  3. Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemats. Brooks loves going out to eat with us. There are people to smile at, lights to look at, and obviously great food from mom and dad. Nick is a germ freak so we needed something to put down so he wasn’t eating off the table. We are totally opposite in that regard (Nick and I)…10 second rule all day long.
  4. Silicon baby food freezing trays. I used these ones along with the ones that came with my baby bullet. It was super nice to make a bunch of food one day and have a way to freeze it all until I needed it. Again, purees didn’t last long but while we were in the thick of it these were awesome.

Wait on It

  1. Baby spoons and forks. I have an array of tiny little baby spoons and forks I used to feed Brooks purees. Well, as I said before, the puree stage didn’t last long because he didn’t want to eat from a spoon, he wanted to shovel the food into his mouth himself. Plus if he saw me using regular silverware, he wanted it, so he ate off of my spoon with no trouble. They are now just tiny devices to make noise.
  2. Bandana bibs. ADORABLE for drool, useless for food, as demonstrated below. These ones are from cute and from Amazon but you can find them anywhere. Apparently they are made just for drool, so that fail is my fault. img_1772
  3. Any type of baby plate. They will not stay on the tray unless they suction. We got one of these as gifts. I’m guessing they will come in handy when he’s like 4, but what do I know.
  4. The Baby Bullet. I wanted one of these SO bad to make Brooks’ food. I used it and made purees…again those didn’t last too long…but totally could have used our imitation Magic Bullet instead. It’s basically the same thing. This is something we got for our shower and totally could have skipped and registered for something better. It seems like everyone knew this before baby except me, so there ya go. I can say I really liked the storage containers that came with it and the freezer trays. I continue to use these all the time so that part of it was worth it.
  5. A high chair that is hard to clean. I will not lie, this highchair was not a good choice. I chose it because it didn’t look like a baby high chair…it was more stylish sitting in the corner. Although I still think it looks better than pretty much all other high chairs, I would not buy it again. In fact once Brooks is done with a high chair I will probably sell it. There are just too many nooks and crannies where food gets stuck, the pad doesn’t stay put, and there aren’t wheels -which isn’t a big deal but I think I would like that next time. This one was actually on my registry in the beginning and I SO wish I would have kept it on there, I have heard such great things. Easy to clean, grows with baby, and oh-so-stylish. Oh well, you live and learn people.


I hope this helps somebody somewhere! Obviously I am no expert…just a first time mom, livin’ the dream, spaghetti crusted to my butt and all. This actually happened…that’s a story for another time.