Hello World!

It’s so hard to believe this is my first post as starting this blog has been on my mind for quite a long time, like before baby time, which seems like decades. In actuality this has been something I have toyed around with for a couple of years. My plan is for this to give me an outlet to the world talking about living on a farmette, but still loving fashion, food, and fun.

A little background on me. I met my husband Nick when I was a senior in highschool. We were dating for about 7 years when he finally popped the question on a vacation to Myrtle Beach. We got married in June of 2014, a day I will probably often reference as the pictures and memories still seem so fresh! It really was #thebestdayever.


Fast forward to August 2015 and we moved from a busy city (for our area’s standards) to a small rural community. Although our new home is not far from where we used to live, it is secluded enough to feel like we are genuinely living the “country” life. This is a lifestyle Nick has always dreamed of.

If you would have asked me back in high school or college if I could ever see myself living on a piece of land with a barn, a machine shed, and 16 chickens I surely would have laughed in your face. I thought I was a “big city” girl headed off to chase my dreams. Let’s just say I only made it a semester at Marquette University in Milwaukee until I realized that life was not, and never will be, me. I spent every single weekend at home with Nick where I was comfortable and happy. I finished out my college career closer to home and got a degree in Elementary Education. I am currently a first grade teacher.

When our home search began after being married and ready to leave Nick’s bachelor pad, the country was both of our dreams. We would just drive around and hope something would come up. When it finally did I was taking classes towards my masters and was unable to look at our future home. Nick’s mom and him went to see it, eventually we put in an offer, and when we finally got the house the first time I saw it was during the inspection. Apparently I really trust Nick’s opinion!

The house was dated, but sturdy, and we began our improvements the week we moved in. Nick is quite handy and we have done everything on our own. Eventually I’ll go over what we all did, but that will be a long one!

Less than a year after we moved in we welcomed our baby boy Brooks to our lives and the house has taken a back seat. As we are finally getting comfortable with parenthood, we are getting back into the house, the farmette, and regular life.
I can’t wait to begin documenting this life and be able to look back someday and see how life has begun for our little family and how it will grow and change.