Tall Women Unite: Jeans Edition

One of the absolute hardest parts about being taller than average is finding pants that are long enough. It was an absolute NIGHTMARE when I was growing up because I had such long legs and was awkwardly skinny so nothing was small and tall enough. Eventually The Buckle became my go to because they sold extra long sizes right in the store. Now a days, they have long, which works, but sometimes extra long is necessary and then you need to order to those online. Sigh.

Fast forward to today, I do most of my shopping online anyways just because it is easier, so my frustration with stores that didn’t carry anything other than regular has calmed a bit. There are still many big chain stores that don’t offer extended sizes which I know is frustrating not only for girls that need taller sizes, but shorter as well. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what works for me and what is the best bang for your buck. I am definitely a jeans a tshirt kind of girl, so a good pair of denim is an absolute must in my closet. Here are my current best finds…

  1. American Eagle. Without a doubt this brand has been my most loved for many years now. They have extra long sizes and extra short from 0 all the way up to 20! They truly have something for everyone. There is also such a huge selection of styles that there is no way you won’t be able to find one you like. Distressed, mom jeans, Tomboy, high waisted, dark wash, light wash, white…you name it, they have it. LOVE! PLUS if you are an AE Rewards member you get a free pair after every 5 pairs bought, great deal if you ask me.
  2. Levi’s. I raved in my last blog post about how there was a pair of jeans I really wanted from here, but all of the places other influencers linked them didn’t have a tall option (Shopbop, Nordstrom, etc.). Then I discovered the Levi’s site and BAM there they were in not only tall, but an extra tall inseam. They also have lots of options, but the talls sell out pretty quickly so act fast.
  3. Madewell. They have a tall and taller option which is fantastic and the denim is really high quality. I only have one pair from here but they are probably in my top rotation. There are also lots of high waisted options which I love because ya know…momiform.
  4. Express. They only have short, regular, and long but the longs are usually long enough for me…meaning they are pretty generous in their length. I also love their unique styles, definitely not something you find every day.
  5. Alloy. This is like the mecca for tall women. They have tall styles of everything, not just denim. Their prices are really good. They are in my top 5 because I am so impressed by their lengths and options, but they are not my absolute favorite as far as style goes. This is a great place for longer leggings as well.


There ya go my tall girls! These places obviously all have great options for regular jeans as well, so don’t think they only cater to the vertically advantaged. Hope this helps and if you’re tall like me and are looking for the perfect boots, look no further than here.